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Exploring The APOSTLES' DOCTRINE & FELLOWSHIP Principles In Acts 2:37-47   with Elder Freddie L. Williams
      Remain Stedfast In The APOSTLES' DOCTRINE & FELLOWSHIP Principles
Greetings Beloveds in the NAME of the ONE GOD, our Lord and Savior, JESUS CHRIST. The HOLY BIBLE which is our guide and GOD's HOLY WORD has forewarned us of the risk of Holy Ghost filled sanctified Believers becoming too friendly with this untoward generation. On the contrary, we are commanded to seek for the old pathways and to walk therein. David, the Psalmist reminds us that there is a way that seem right unto men but the end thereof is destruction.  Saints, this should suggest to us the constant need to STOP for a minute every now and then, and just take a look back over our lives, and see where HE has brought us from;
as you reminisce down through the years-do you remember? Oh how can you forget, how JESUS CHRIST reached down and brought each of us,  as individuals, out of our own personal shameful pit of sins. The question was asked--shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? The resounding response was and still is a loud NO! As it was back in the days of the early church, and even as it is now in this day an age. Saints, hold on, just a little while longer--there is no such thing as the 'modern church' ONLY the Church of JESUS CHRIST and make no mistake about it HE is coming back for HIS CHURCH! Too many so-called 'modern day' pastors have taken over the reins of the Church and have dared to pervert the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST and thus they have replaced The APOSTLES' DOCTRINE & FELLOWSHIP Principles in Acts 2:37-47 with outreach programs to further their own personal agendas; bearing this in your minds, I am sad to report that there has already been a great falling away from the faith since The APOSTLES' DOCTRINE & FELLOWSHIP Principles were delivered on the Day of Pentecost. Many of the Faith have simply turned away from the precepts of Holiness, as a way of life. Saints of the Most High GOD, remain strong and take courage, the devil is a liar and was even before his appearance in the Garden of Eden; Do not permit yourself to become deceived like Eve or to be enticed like Adam by the devil into disobeying the truth of GOD as written in The APOSTLES' DOCTRINE & FELLOWSHIP Principles found in Acts 2:37-47. Beloveds within these few verses of the Holy BIBLE are the KEYS to Eternal Life and the inherent benevolent manifold blessings that comes to each Man or Woman that hears the voice of JESUS CHRIST at first through HIS chosen Apostles and now through HIS Holy-Ghost filled chosen Preachers! Keep embedded in your minds that of these--many are called BUT few are chosen. As did the early Christians on the Day of Pentecost, Men and Women with pricked hearts are urged to respond to HIS call for their Salvation as written in Acts 2:38--Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.
REPENTING: of your Sins [simply means to become godly sorry for ALL your wrong-doings, disobedience, and blatant  outright disregard in respect to The ONE GOD, OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST.
BAPTISM: is for the remission (pardon) of your sins; it is absolutely essential that your whole body (from head to toes) be completely covered by water--this signifies (that we share in) the death and burial of JESUS CHRIST. it is also essentially paramount for everyone: [TO BE BAPTIZED IN WATER BY COMPLETE SUBMERSION IN THE NAME OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST] this is essential because THERE IS NONE OTHER NAME UNDER HEAVEN GIVEN AMONG MEN, WHEREBY WE MUST BE SAVED. It is only in the NAME of The ONE GOD, OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST that SINS can be FORGIVEN. Read Matthew 1:21 and Acts 4:10-12
Receiving THE HOLY GHOST: this the third essential of GOD'S Redemption Plan of Salvation. JESUS told HIS disciples that AFTER the HOLY GHOST come upon you--you shall receive power from heaven; and this power will enbold you to be a witness for HIM. The evidence that the HOLY GHOST (the SPIRIT of THE ONE GOD) has fallen upon you will enable you to speak with other tongues, as the SPIRIT gave utterance. SPEAKING in other tongues is totally necessary to validate your claim to eternal salvation. You will find that there is no other experience on the planet Earth that compares with being filled with The HOLY GHOST and SPEAKING IN OTHER TONGUES AS THE SPIRIT of The ONE GOD, OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST GIVES UTTERANCE. Believe me Beloveds when I tell you that it is better felt than it is told. Once you are saved--become stedfast and well-grounded in the faith that was once delivered unto the early Christians, The APOSTLES DOCTRINE AND FELLOWSHIP Principles. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT conform to this untoward generation; but rather Make sure that you be transformed by the renewing of your mind. How? You may ask. simply by constantly READING and STUDYING your BIBLE and examining yourself DAILY to keep in step with GOD's Holy Words. REMEMBER there is no harm in doing your FIRST work over--REPENTANCE and BAPTISM! RESIST the devil and he will flee from you; for Greater is HE that is in you, than he which is in the world!. The Devil is a LIAR! and he do not have any power over YOU, once YOU are filled with the Holy Ghost--UNLESS--YOU weaken and give in to him. YES, The HOLY GHOST IS A KEEPER but it will not keep YOU from SINNING--IF that is what YOU choose to do. The HOLY GHOST will either SAVE you or IT will CONDEMN you, the choice is yours to make. YOU need to make up in your mind that YOU will put on the whole armor of GOD that YOU will be able to stand in the evil day and stand therefore having done your all. Turn your heads upward to the hills from which comes your help, and realize again that the Lord is your Shepherd and WE are the sheep of HIS pasture. Be stedfast, don't let the devil steal your JOY or your Crown nor cause your name to be taken out of the Lamb's Book of Life. Make your election sure and choose heaven to be your eternal home. JESUS has a mansion waiting just for YOU. Don't be like the Foolish Virgins! Keep some oil in your lamps--don't let your light go out. Make sure they are trimmed and brightly burning as you are awaiting the Bridegroom's arrival and ready to go into the wedding. Although there is a lot of temptation lurking everywhere you turn and yes it has crept into the Church too, be vigilant and standfast in the liberty wherein JESUS CHRIST has set you free through HIS Word; do not become entangled again with the yoke of bondage of Sin. Please Note how disguised insignificant behavioral patterns have found there way in the Church: Simple things such as some SISTERS have found it fashionable and stylish NOT to wear a hat or some other acceptable head-covering to WORSHIP SERVICE. It is a commandment from GOD given through the inspiration of the HOLY GHOST to the APOSTLES. There are some among you that think that they can willfully ignore what a Preacher says--BUT--let me remind YOU of what the BIBLE have to say in regards to YOUR way of thinking! The BIBLE states quite emphatically THAT IT PLEASED GOD THROUGH THE FOOLISHNESS OF PREACHING TO SAVE THEM THAT BELIEVE. The question was asked and answered:How Can They Hear Without A PREACHER? And How Shall They PREACH Except They Be Sent! Then there are others who feel that it is A-O-K for women to wear pants and pant-suits to Church Service. GOD forbid--this is an abomination in the sight of GOD. Saints, what the Lord our GOD required of the houshold of Faith some 2000 years ago is still required today, in the year 2010. GOD has not changed, neither has HIS Redemptive Plan of Salvation as written in Acts 2:38;  Realize that the Lord our GOD changes NOT. JESUS CHRIST is the Same, Yesterday and Forever! TATTOOS and SKIN PIERCING is not acceptable unto our GOD anymore than is LESBIAN and HOMOSEXUAL behavior or conduct. GOD requires HIS People to be HOLY because HE ls HOLY! Any Man who finds another Man attractive enough to choose as a HUSBAND OR WIFE is totally out of control and is living CONTRARY to the edicts of GOD and will most certainly give an account on Judgment Day. The same thing applies to Lesbians. GOD created them Male and Female that they might join in the bonds of HOLY MATRIMONY: Man as her Husband and Woman as his Wife. Do Not Allow this to be you. Represent Holiness with Joy, Peace and Happiness and remain Steadfast In The APOSTLES' DOCTRINE & FELLOWSHIP Principles found in Acts of The Apostles Chap. 2: Verses 38-47. May The Lord Our GOD Preserve and Keep You Stedfast!