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Again, I am pleased to share with you the exploration of The APOSTLES' DOCTRINE & FELLOWSHIP Principles introduced by the APOSTLES of JESUS CHRIST after they themselves were filled with the Holy Ghost as written in Acts 2:4. Holiness has a standard that is indeed tight BUT that standard is RIGHT. Be obedient unto those who have the rule over you in the Lord, so says the Holy Scriptures..
I would like to discuss The APOSTLES' DOCTRINE & FELLOWSHIP Principles concerning the Proper Dress Code For Female Christians!  Although there are a host of preachers that feel that this subject should not be preached about or touched on. However, this is a subject that The APOSTLES' DOCTRINE & FELLOWSHIP Principles preachers are mandated to PREACH to REMIND  Female CHRISTIANS TO DRESS  AS BECOME SAINTS. Females are commanded TO WEAR HEAD COVERINGS UPON THEIR HEADS WHEN WORSHIPPING , THE ONE GOD, OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST ! SAINTS--Do Not Listen To ANY LIAR That Tells YOU Not To SHOW HONOR WITHIN GOD'S HOUSE. The BIBLE is crystal clear. (1 Corinthians 11:5-10) Do Not Give Heed To ANYONE That Even Suggests To You That IT IS ALRIGHT For FEMALES TO WEAR PANTS AT ANYTIME AND ESPECIALLY To The HOUSE OF GOD! It Is A LIE.  Even YOUNG GIRLS Should not WEAR PANTS AT ANYTIME OR IN A CHURCH SERVICE--GOD FORBID! Beware of FALSE TEACHERS And PREACHERS--They Are Of The Devil! Do Not Be Fooled--God Is Not Mocked! If appropriate DRESS STYLES are considered to be old-fashioned, please remember that the HOLINESS Life-style is as old as Christiandom itself thus YOU are not suppose to LOOK or DRESS worldly! The BIBLE which is our guide and GOD'S HOLY WORDS commands that SAINTS ADORN THEMSELVES AS BECOMETH SAINTS. 
As I travel around visiting various churches--there are A FEW ISSUES that I have observed THAT NEED TO BE CORRECTED. It is not my goal to stir up contention or sow seeds or discord BUT to the contrary! I wish to stir up in you the WILL to want to please the Lord as we are instructed to do by obeying The APOSTLES' DOCTRINE & FELLOWSHIP Principles written in the Book of Acts. 
Issue #1:
Many folks seems perplexed when it comes to properly exalting GOD'S NAME. Its Time To SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT--THE NAME OF GOD--IS JESUS CHRIST! Not FATHER, SON and HOLY GHOST, These ARE TITLES--Thats Right--BUT HIS NAME IS still JESUS CHRIST! (Ephesians 5:20)
Issue #2:
Some 'preachers' have lost their MINDS when it comes to properly addressing the FEMALES in the Church--ANY CHURCH!  ALL the FEMALES in accordance with The APOSTLES' DOCTRINE & FELLOWSHIP Priniciples should ONLY be ADDRESSED as MOTHER and/or SISTER--NOT First Lady, Evangelist, Deaconess, Minister, Reverend, Elder, Bishop, Pastor, Co-Pastor or Assistant Pastor. ALL FEMALES bearing such TITLES Were Installed By "HIGH-MINDED MISGUIDED MEN"!--NOT TRUE APOSTLES--THESE TITLES ARE INVALID AND ARE NOT BACKED UP BY SCRIPTURE! In The APOSTLES' DOCTRINE & FELLOWSHIP Principles: IT IS NOT FOUND WITHIN THE BIBLE THAT FEMALES SHOULD HOLD ANY SUCH  TITLES THAT WOULD  PLACE HER IN A POSITION TO (RULE) OVER MEN! (1 Timothy 2:10-13) I personally strongly suggest that ANY FEMALES bearing SUCH TITLES gladly relinquish IT without delayHOLY women  should teach and be apt to instruct the younger women in matters such as how to be GODLY women. good wives, and caring mothers. Please feel Free to contact me whether You Agree or Not! Just click on the EMAIL ME Box above. Beloveds, We are Born-Again to live and  practice daily The APOSTLES' DOCTRINE & FELLOWSHIP Principles that were introduced by the APOSTLES Of JESUS CHRIST On The Day Of Pentecost after they themselves were filled with The HOLY GHOST. We Must Be Vigilant And Not Become Deceived Like EVE Was or To Be Enticed Like ADAM Was by the Devil. Do Not Conform To This Untoward Generation; BUT Rather Be Ye Transformed By the  Renewing of YOUR Mind Through The HOLY GHOST if it  Abides In You! "IF THE BIBLE IS RIGHT THEN SOMEBODY IS WRONG" I believe that the BIBLE is RIGHT!! Let me hear from you on these Issues.
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Exploring The APOSTLES' DOCTRINE & FELLOWSHIP Principles In ACTS 2:37-47    With Elder Freddie L. Williams